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Tours in Mongolia with the travel company “Legend tour” give a unique insight into the culture of nomads and get to know the birthplace of the great Genghis Khan. You can escape from the city in the middle of pristine nature of Mongolia, get acquainted with the daily life of the nomads, enjoy the rich musical culture. Due to the virgin nature – Mongolia is a paradise for lovers of fishing and horseback riding.

At the beginning of the second millennium, Mongolia remains one of the few countries where there is an ancient culture and traditions of the steppe nomads. Having been here once, you can not see all the wonders of Mongolia. You will be charmed by the calm, measured life hospitable and friendly Mongols and you will want to make a tour to Mongolia again.

The possibility to make a tour to Mongolia, to see all the beauty of Mongolia, to know the life of modern nomads give you Russian tourist company “Legend tour”. Our office is located in Ulan Bator, close to the Russian Embassy. Our staff is fully organize your tour of Mongolia and make it a truly memorable and interesting.

Below we present several types of tours in Mongolia, but more often we make for each group or individual traveler a memorable tour. The following tours are generally offered by our partners to their customers. All the same in each round, and we try to show the attractions of Ulan Bator, the surrounding area, to enable hiking in the mountains, and unforgettable ride Mongolian horses. All movement in the country committed to the cars or by regular flights. So, write, and we will prepare a customized itinerary for Mongolia.

Legend Tour Company offers the following types of tours in Mongolia:

Excursions. Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding area. If you make Mongolia a short stop for a few days on the way from Russia to China and back, arriving in Ulan Bator on a business trip, we can offer you a short tour of Ulan Bator and the surrounding area. This will give you the opportunity to touch the original culture of nomads and get to know the capital of the country.

Classic tours in Mongolia. Usually all tours in Mongolia begins and ends in the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator. Offers study tours around the city, to help buy the necessary souvenirs. You hiking and horseback riding.
All the tours are divided by the duration, so you will pick up quite easily afford the desired tour.

Horseback riding. In our tours in Mongolia you will get plenty of opportunity to ride horses. These can be foot duration from several hours to many hours transitions. Also, at your request we can organize any excursions.

Pedestrian tours. Mongolia – a good place for walking tours. Green steppe, fresh air, sunshine, mountain passes, peace and quiet …

Fishing, fishing tours. Fishing in Mongolia. Fishing for trout. On the planet there are not many places where you can immerse themselves in the wild, untouched nature.

Car tours in Mongolia. Our company offers a tour by car of Mongolia. At your request we will prepare the route, pick up the driver and the car.

Support automotive groups in Mongolia. We will help you develop a route, give the car escort and guide – interpreter.

Winter tours in Mongolia. Ski resorts in Mongolia. Ski Sky Resort

Special tours in Mongolia. In a separate category, we have allocated rounds where travelers want to get acquainted with something unusual with the activities that take place in certain periods of time. Etc. It is such a festival eagles. Naadam Festival, a festival of folk music, the festival yaks, camels festival, etc.

Mongolia – Russia. This type of tours are unlikely to be interested in Russian tourists, but having good friends in Irkutsk we offer tour routes combined China – Mongolia Russia. Well, if you got to Irkutsk, then you fly for a few days in Mongolia simply.
Mongolia – China. If so you have got to Mongolia, then there is a reason to visit the neighboring country. Our company has excellent partners in China, who will always find a viable option for your trip. It is no secret that when traveling to China (for example from central Russia) the basic expenses go on air or train tickets. Being as close to China have the opportunity to experience this amazing country, while reducing travel costs.

Individual tours to Mongolia. The main type of tours that we offer. With all the abundance of standard tours, each group of tourists are asked to build their trip according to their desires. Present and past Mongolian nomadic tradition, the Buddhist monasteries. Museums. Ulaanbaatar. Kharkhorin. The Gobi Desert. Fishing. Hiking tours, horseback riding, wildlife viewing. And much, much more … Write. We set up the tour to your liking.