Tour types

Travel on vehicles across Mongolia will help you look into all corners of the country. You explore the untouched nature of these places, local culture of nomads, visit national parks, lake, desert. Traveling with a local driver on the car in Mongolia, you will feel full freedom of movement in the chosen direction.

In Mongolia, it is impossible to rent a car without a driver. So, in the country there is no such kind of service. There are two option out of this situation – to rent a car with driver or rent a car escort.

But in the first case, there is always a language problem. Drivers in Mongolia almost not understand Russian or English. If a driver knows a foreign language, the payment to the rental car, they require a fee for his work as a translator.

The most viable option for a group of 3-4 is to rent their own cars escort vehicles. Your group is accompanied by our company car with a driver and a guide – interpreter.

Study the route in preparation for the trip (lodging, meals, excursions, gas stations, permission to visit the border zone …).

Booking accommodation (hotels, hostels), catering

Drivers usually know the good main routes. We do not write “well aware” – in Mongolia can not be “good to know” of the road. Unpaved roads as living beings – are constantly changing. As soon as the road becomes bad, right there in the side, a new track.

Guide – translator will always help you along the way. Organizes night, ask for directions, get help and to issue the necessary permits to stay in the national parks. And of course the main responsibility – information on attractions, culture, way of life pastoralists – nomadic.

This is an additional car in the group (usually UAZ, UAZ van or Mitsubishi Delika.