Rental car with Driver

Travel company Legend tour offers to rent a safe, powerful and reliable vehicles (Oise, jeeps, vans) with drivers. Employees of the company will tell you what kind of car is preferable to opt for a particular tour.
Russian Jeep- UAZ 469

UAZ 469 – safe, powerful and reliable off-road car. It is very popular among locals and tourists alike for its ruggedness and throughput. Capacity 4 people plus the driver. The most reliable option of renting cars in Mongolia. Repair can be virtually anywhere. Usually drivers carry with them a bunch of spare parts. Spare parts can be found in every village. Least comfortable car.

4WD Korean, Japanese jeeps

Japanese Jeeps – the most comfortable vehicle for traveling in Mongolia. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning. Japanese cars can hold up to 5 people including the driver.
You can use these cars for short tours around Ulaanbaatar, and when traveling in the country.

Russian Minibus

Russian Minibus (“loaf”, “tablet”, etc.) is a safe, powerful and correctable car, which guarantees you a high cross in difficult conditions.
Due to the large size, spacious interior this vehicle is the best choice for a large travel company. The car can accommodate up to 8 people.
Usually drivers do upholstered ceiling to the potholes on the not very cones to fill in some machines put tables. Admittedly, the UAZ van car is not a bad salon wider than in a jeep “Toyota”, enough space for things. That is, five of them can be very nice to travel, while in the Jeep can be cramped and the three of us. Suspension high as flotation, problems can be solved with a sledgehammer. In general, good-quality products are in Soviet drivers and tourists in constant demand.

4WD Japanese minivan

The most popular minivan (after our UAZ) Mitsubishi Delica – comfortable, comfortable, fast vehicle with air conditioning. Capacity 5 – 6 people. Good permeability. The opportunity to travel across Mongolia. Many species. Convenient when traveling group of 2-4 people. Usually the top of the roof installed additional trunk.