Visa mongolia

Mongolian visa is permission to enter Mongolia, Mongolia and stay in transit through the territory of Mongolia, a foreign citizen during the period of validity of the visa. For many travelers intending to tour to Mongolia on their own, the questions arise: Do I need a visa to Mongolia, how to make Mongolian visa, where to get a visa to Mongolia, as is Mongolian visa … We will try to answer these and other questions. If you have any questions on registration of Mongolian visas – ask a question on the forum, write, communicate with our consultant ICQ or Skype.

For citizens of the Russian Federation in November 2014 with a visa to Mongolia REQUIRED!

Tourist visa to Mongolia. Mongolian visa. How to get a tourist visa to Mongoliyu.Dlya citizens of many other countries, a visa to enter Mongolia. Mongolian visas are issued valid for up to 30 days from the date of entry (90 days from the date of issue) and can be extended directly to Mongolia for another 30 days. Children under 16 years fit into the visa of the parents (mother) in the absence of his passport. In the presence of the child’s passport visa is similar to adult. The full list of countries that do not require a visa to Mongolia can be found here >>.

In connection with the new rules to enter into Mongolia to Russian citizens to remember:

without a visa can be located in Mongolia for more than 30 days, then you must go and call again. If you exceed this time, you will be charged a fine for violation of visa regime and may impose other sanctions (up to the prohibition of entry into the country for a certain period)

Mongolia can enter an unlimited number of times, but the total time of stay in Mongolia for more than 90 days within six months!

Visa Waiver does not give the right to work in Mongolia is still for the official employment in Mongolia is necessary to obtain a work visa

Standard tourist visas to Mongolia issued for a period of 30 days from the moment of crossing the border. You must enter Mongolia within three months from the date of issue of the visa. Issuance of visas to Mongolia normally takes several days, but no more than two weeks. If you want to get a visa in a shorter time, you can do so by paying a large sum.

So, what steps will it take to get a visa to Mongolia citizens of countries for which entry to Mongolia on visas? How quickly to get a visa to Mongolia?
STEP 1: receiving an invitation

When making invitations for Mongolian visa you must inform employees of our travel agency the following information:

your full name, surname, patronymic; (Russian, English.)
Date and Place of Birth;
passport number and expiry date;
date and place of entry and exit from the country;
the total route.
home and work address
send a photocopy of your passport

You can fill out an application on our website, or send all this information to our address email Usually your application will be processed within a few hours. After payment of our service employees of our travel company pass a set of documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia for sending invitations to the consulate of the country in which you are going to get a visa. If a positive decision, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia sends an invitation to the consulate. For you may send a copy of the invitation by e-mail.
STEP 2. The payment of our services.

You can pay our services through Sberbank receipts, cash to our representative in Moscow, on the map of Sberbank, VTB map, map UniCreditBank or our partners in other cities. The order of payment is specified in the response to your request (cash on a bank account to the card).

STEP 3: delivery of documents and visa requirements

For Mongolian visa, you must provide the Mongolian consulate in the following documents:

Application for a tourist visa to Mongolia. Download form for Mongolian visa (a visa to Mongolia) Visa application form filled out in block letters. Download the visa application form in the Mongolian consulate PDF, 470 kV. Currently, we use a single version of the questionnaire. About printed on one sheet with two sides. When making an invitation through our company, in the column “address and telephone number of the host company” specifies the address and phone our office in Ulaanbaatar.

Photography, color or black-and-white / 3×4 /. According to the requirements of the consulate – photo should be made more than six months ago-1 pc.

Passport – valid for at least 6 months.

A photocopy of the passport (page with photo and passport data)

Official invitation of the Ministry of official agencies in Mongolia. For individuals – private invitation from the service of Citizenship and Naturalization of the Ministry of Justice, Internal Affairs of Mongolia. Tourists need an invitation Tourism (Invitation Travel Company issued through the Foreign Ministry of Mongolia). Upon delivery of the invitation documents should already be in the consulate. A copy of the invitation or the number of the invitation in most cases (in the absence of the original at the consulate) does not help.

For transit passengers must have a visa to the destination country, air / Railway tickets.

On January 1, 2008 to obtain a visa to Mongolia Consulate requires presentation of a certificate of employment. More details on the forum !!!!

Rent the entire set of documents to the consulate. You pay visa fees and the cost of consular services ($ 50 per person – no special visa or $ 100 per person – special visa). And five working days (or if the visa urgently, on the same day), get your hands on a passport with a Mongolian visa.

When a visa you have to sign on the bottom of the form (date, signature, name and surname). Pick up a passport with a Mongolian visa can another person in the presence of receipt.

Our company provides services for the design of tourist visas to Mongolia (including urgent) through the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mongolia in Moscow. We will also help to obtain Mongolian visa through our partners in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude.

We can save you from having to stand in line and personally submit your documents. We work quickly and efficiently, and to issue your visa in time.